About MiniMap Bahrain

Get on the map!

The reason for developing the Minimap was simple: we know what it means to arrive on an unfamiliar island and feel lost.

It’s a feeling shared by many people who come to Bahrain. They don’t know where to go or how to get there. Nor do they know where to shop, where to eat or where to have fun.

That’s why we’ve come up with the MegaCards MiniMap – now so popular with newcomers, visitors and residents that we’re publishing 40,000+ every quarter. And due to popular demand, that number just keeps on rising.

The MiniMap is the only FREE map to feature a detailed satellite image of Bahrain. This makes it an essential, reliable, and reusable companion for new arrivals and old hands alike.

The unique marketing opportunity offered by the MiniMap hasn’t been lost on many of Bahrain’s leading brands. Each and every time the map is unfolded, your brand messages get seen and re-seen. Meaning the MiniMap not only guides people around the island, it guides them to you.

Up to fifteen panels on the MiniMap are available for your brand, including the prime position banner advert at the top. The more panels you book, the less you pay.

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